Dragon Realm – Total Max Gear Stats

Now that we are familiar with Gear Multipliers and Full Set Gear Bonuses in Game of War, we are going to put the full picture together.  There are currently 7 gear sets in game, with the Chief Inquisitors set being the Newest.  (Btw, the Inquisitors set brings a huge amount of research speed savings!   Check out its stats below!)  Those 7 gear sets currently in game are:

  1. Sentinel’s Set Gear
  2. Vindicator’s Set Gear
  3. Arbiter’s Set Gear
  4. Assassin’s Set Gear
  5. BeastMaster’s Set Gear
  6. Chief Inquisitors Set Gear
  7. Hunter’s Set Gear

Max Gear Set Charts

Each Gear Chart below lists the original gear stats on the lower version, and max Gear Multipliers and Set Bonuses on the upper version.

Notice the massive spread of stats for identical gear.. just comparing before and after stats.  (Before on bottom, After on top).  Frequently stats are over 400% in difference.

Cost and Stronghold Requirements Charts for Multipliers and Full Set Gear Bonuses are coming out soon!

Chart of Maxed Assassin’s Set Gear

(418) 646-2057

Chart of Maxed BeastMaster’s Set Gear

Chart of Maxed Sentinel’s Set Gear


Chart of Maxed Arbiter’s Set Gear



Chart of Maxed Hunter’s Set Gear



Chart of Maxed Chief Inquisitor’s Set Gear


Chart of Maxed Vindicator’s Set Gear

Back to that Original Initial Post about Stats when taking Rallies & Burning

Back to my original post…Dragon Realm Post – Where do Most Stats Come From  Reflect back to my original stats…compare my stats below to the MASSIVE increases above.   Even just 1/3rd of those stats will transform the outcome of taking rallies again.  And add a few more troops, I’ll be back to capping again.

Taking rallies without upgraded gear was 90% responsible for my account burning.  (And YES, that is what I was wanting and waiting to test 🙂

Original Rally Taking Stats:


More To Come!!!

Next Post: Best Gear: How to chose between keeping the set vs breaking It. 

New: FREE General Public Call Session Answering any questions over gear multipliers, and Gear Full Set Bonuses.  (will be announced shortly)

New:  Member’s Call Session , Craft Talk, looking at more refined details and talk of what gear is best, Account specific gear Q&A, and Account specific Set Gear Bonuses Q&A.  (will be announced shortly)


Gear comes with what we call base stats.  These are the original stats for levels 1-6 as newly created gear that comes right out of the forge.  However,  there are 2 major updates which came out in game which transforms gear into much more potent weapons of destruction.

1st Game Changer – Gear Multipliers

The first massive update for gear which is a major game changer are the Gear Multipliers found in the Crafting Research Tree.  All gear receives a set amount of bonus just for completing the research.

Multipliers are divided into 3 different categories:

  • Gear with requirements of :Heros 1-30
  • Gear with requirements of :Heros 31-40
  • Gear with requirements of :Heros 41-50

Screenshot of the Helm Research Description in Game:

(915) 613-9313

Hero Gear Multiplier Chart

The Gear Multiplier increases with each completed level of research.   So, everyone’s best gear possible may differ depending on research especially as level 40 gear is further down on the tree.

The following chart shows Multiplier bonuses for every level of Research.

Multipliers are significant in the fact that if you have a 40% multiplier, you multiply the original Base stats of Gear by 1.40.  Gear originally at 100% stat comes out as 140%.

game of war dragon realm gear multipliers

2nd Game Changer – Set Gear Bonuses

The second major game changer for gear are the Set Gear Bonuses that come from unlocking the Athena’s Armory, Upgrading It, and then possessing a full set of gear of any certain level (or higher).

Set Gear Bonus

The Following Sentinel Gear is all Level 3 (Green) or above.  This means that the Gear qualifies for the Level 3 Set Gear Bonuses once the Athena’s Armor has been leveled up to Level 4.

Set Gear Bonuses for Level 3 Sentinel are 8% Trap Attack and 25% Troop Defense.

You can see that the same gear will not qualify for Level 4 Bonuses until all gear for the set is Level 4 (Blue) or higher.

(208) 876-9564

Chart – Set Gear Bonus

Here is a chart for all Realm Set Gear Bonuses for all sets of Gear and for Levels 1 – 6.

(708) 415-0551


More to come!!

Dragon Realm – Where do Most Combat Stats Come From?

Over the last few weeks of new drops in game, including Hero II, Mythics & Mythical Training Grounds, Athena’s Armor and several new sets of gear,…. I wanted to sit back and watch where MZ was going to take the game, and also see where the most potent drops were going to come from.  Interestingly enough I was able to see the effect new updates made on an account relatively easily.

The purpose of this post is to show the difference of what people can expect, as well as the easiest ways to update one’s account.

First Rally

Just a few weeks ago, this account could cap T3/T4 rallies.  And of a few days ago, these are copies of reports of the same account, Account burned.

This first one had 47.6 k my account loss to 90.5 k loss the attackers loss, I was fairly excited… and to see that differences weren’t that great.  Attacker was sending all range.


Second Rally

But, reports didn’t stop there.  My losses were sped back to nearly the same as where account began.  Attacker had changed a few things, still sending all range  but now was sending 154k rather than 123k.   Losses went up to 76.9 but still didn’t burn.

3rd Rally

At that point I started thinking of best ways to counter the all range incoming.. My first thoughts were to que strong against Cavalry T1 troops for the love of science and to see exactly what the differences would be… but I had so many people who were concerned that I MAY burn >.<  that I spent more time convincing them it was no big deal to me atm whether I burned or not for science that I didn’t get T1 troops qued in time.    🙁

Incoming rally of 177k was enough to tip the account over to burn point.

I messaged the rally lead to see if they would send one more time, but they didn’t see until much later.

(619) 217-2055

Thoughts on Rallies

To say the least, we can definitely see the differences and changes that recent drops have made.  Time for Updates!

Review of Source of Combat Stats

So, I took an indepth look at exactly where all the stats were coming from and what I now needed to do, to get this account back up to non burn and capping point :).  This is where the fun begins!

These are the stats that the account took the hits in….Stats today are fairly low but a few weeks ago were just fine.


(313) 541-6190


Research – Important but not the major focus

I first turned to research to see what total combined stats were there.  I focus on all attacks and Health, Trap Attack Defense and Health.

The major issue with Research is, it provides some enhancement in stats, but it is usually stopped by Stronghold level.

Research Chart

Here is a chart showing combined stats from Research and their sources.

game of war combined research stats

Recent Upgrades

But what will really knock your socks off are the simple and easy updates that can come from recent upgrades  such as the Set Gear Bonuses from Athena’s Armory and the Gear Multipliers from research.  These make much more impact.  More to come!

New Demigod Beryl Warrior Hero

Yesterday, the Game of War dropped its 6th Demigod Hero, The Beryl Warrior Hero.  The Beryl Warrior is nearly a duplicate carbon copy of the Azure Knight and is highly focused on Troop Type Stats,

Beryl Warrior Hero Highlights

  • Costs 100k Beryl Warrior Unlocks to Open Hero
  • One pack upgrades Hero to Level 55
  • Costs seem to be consistent with that of the Azure Knight 1-100 requirements
  • Contains Economic Stats
  • Starts off with slightly more Demigod Troop Stats but much less of the others

Economic Stats

The Beryl Warrior offers Research Cost Reduction from the Combat and Research Trees for T2, T3 and T4 resources.

Stat Structure

The initial phase of the Beryl Warrior Hero is consistent with Azure Knight stats from levels 1-100.  And from the looks of it, anticipates to receive further similar stats with a second update later down the line for Levels 100-150.

Instead of including the first type of Troop Type stats such as Thunderlord, Waterlord and Firelord, this newer version of the Azure Knight has gone strictly with the newer type stats of Gushing Lava, Flashing Whirlpool, and Desert Storm .  The real question to be answered in this area is whether mz has made these newer type stats more powerful or if they have left them at around 1/4th the power of the original type stats.  More to come on this…   A chart showing why we say this is below.

Demigod Beryl Warrior Hero Comparison

Chart showing stats of Beryl Warrior and it’s predecessor Azure Knight:

game of war Beryl Warrior Hero Comparison

Economic Possibilities

A updated chart showing all Hero Economic Possibilities has been included below.

game of war economic possibilities including beryl warrior hero

Predicted Costs for the Beryl Warrior

Beryl Warrior Costs seem to parallel costs for the Azure Knight 1-100.  Chart of Azure Knight costs have been included below for easy reference.

game of war hero costs

Stay Tuned for Member’s Tips Post on the Beryl Warrior !


Game of War Conqueror Accessories have been released in Game.  We have updated our charts to show corresponding specialties and have extrapolated expected Power Up Stats for the Member’s Post below.

Overall, the Demigod Conqueror Accessories follow all the same patterns as before.  The 6 specialized Accessories begin with similar stats as the Champion Accessories but have overall less attack.  In the beginning phases of upgrade, Champion Accessories with be much stronger.

Demigod Conqueror Accessory Base Stats before Power Up & Quality

Chart showing base stats for the 6 Accessories belonging to the Conqueror Gear set.

game of war conqueror accessories demigod, royal shield, fire gloves, storm shield, centurian horn, purity quiver, gilded urn, ultimate grand conqueror

Member’s Post

The power up stats of the previous pieces of Helm, Armor, Foot and Weapon all followed a specific pattern.  We have extrapolated this pattern and have expected stats for Power Up.

Click here to see stats before having to level your own gear up to find out.

(425) 291-6200


(828) 425-4292

Game of War has released Conqueror Accessories and Raised Leveling of Conqueror Armor to Level 20!  Updates on these releases are coming and will also be reflected on the following Gear Guides shortly!!

Best Gear Guides

These are our guides to the best Gear to use in Game of War. Using the correct gear for the situation that you are in will greatly increase your stronghold’s effectiveness in Game of War. The strongest empire is one that has been fully optimized for the situation it is in. Use these gear guides to ensure that you have the best possible gear and DOMINATE your Kingdom.

Current Guides to the Best Gear

Max Gear Stats

We have also updated our Max Gear Stat Charts.  These are an estimation at where max gear should come out to.  Actual stats will be updated as game progresses.

Charts – Max Gear Stats

(514) 257-0638:  Shows Max Stats of Gear organized by Specialty.  Defense, Solo Attack, Rally Attack, Wonder Holding, Debuffs
Max Gear Stats by Gear Piece:  Shows Max Stats of Gear organized by Gear Slot.  Helm, Armor, Foot, Weapon, Accessory



With the recent addition of Conqueror Gear, Conqueror quality and power up enhancements in Game of War, choosing gear has become a complicated and refined process.  It is not always clear by looking to a gear’s specialties to determine which gear will be the strongest and best.  In some cases, Champion gear is still the strongest.

The reason why this is… is because for the Champion Gear 3000% was added to every Ultimate Grand Champion’s Specialty.  In the case of debuffs, 3000% was only added to Attack Debuff and not health or defense debuff.

With Conqueror gear, the power up stats added were based on the gears original stats and vary by piece and tier.  Also, Conquerors level 20 stats are Massive.  Both Power Up and Quality are double the level 10 amounts while Champion was only 1.5 times the original amount.  Add to that fact … that Quality and Power Up 20 Levels have only been released for the Weapon and appears will be released on a rotation basis.

What this means is best gear is no longer a simple plug and play choice.  It means one really has to compare debuffs and attacks as well as Champion and Conqueror best pieces.  Today’s low stat helm may be next week’s massive stat!


What I have observed while rallying at the wonder is, is that not everyone is clear as to what the best gear is.  I see many people rallying with the Conqueror Helm and perhaps while this may be their only Helm in inventory…. its a great sign that they would be a great team to choose to fight and win over.  This usually indicates the state of other internal workings for their account.  Just a few simple changes in gear selection will do wonders as to results.

Best Wonder Rally and Wonder Holding Gear

Here are updated charts and lists for:

Best Wonder Rally and Wonder Holding Gear

Intro to Rallying and Wonder Rallying Classes

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding Intro 101 classes for Rallying and Wonder Rallying for those members who have always wanted to Rally and Fight at the wonder, but really weren’t quite sure where to start.    Live video feed will be available as will as discord call.

Please reach me at the following line id if interested: dltm  (second letter is a L )

Line Room

We also have a Line Room available for Members.  Again, reach me in line if interested.  We frequently have open line calls for any questions members would like to ask.  Hope to see you there!

Conqueror Gear Reference Sheet for Power Up Stats and Quality